• Welcome from Chamber Executive Director, Ellen K. Schaaf


    Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce! When many voices are raised and people work together in community based efforts, much can be achieved!

    The Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce is a great investment for you to help get things done in our community. When unified voices are raised together we have the ability to stimulate positive growth and economic development. We work together with the Village of Waunakee and Town of Westport on local, state, and national issues influencing our area and surrounding Dane County on social responsibilities affecting homes, schools, quality of life issues, health, and to promote the free enterprise system.

    As a business person working with the Chamber, your contributions become a community effort. In turn, you help to increase positive business growth, new infrastructure, neighborhoods, creation of a safe place to live, quality schools, and a multitude of other things that the Chamber works for to have a beneficial effect on you, your family and business.

    And yes, it takes financial support to operate the Chamber and its many activities, but be assured that the Chamber is working for YOU! Your investment is crucial for all of us to continue our efforts and to have the 'unified' voice necessary to get the things done that will benefit your business.

    ...put UNITY in CommUNITY and get involved in the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce today!