• Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce Committees

  • Our Committees: 
    As the voice of business for the Waunakee/Westport area, the Chamber depends upon the ideas and energies of the Board of Directors and member volunteers to help develop projects, policy, and programs.  Through the committee structure, the Board and its members help set the course of the organization and ensure that the Chamber’s actions are an accurate expression of the needs and concerns of the business community.  As an investor in our organization, you are encouraged to actively participate in the process of ensuring the success of our area as a great place to live, work, and conduct business!  

    Committee Function:  
    The organization’s objectives are best achieved by small groups of the membership engaged in common effort.  The Chamber functions through the working committees of the organization.  Money, planning, inspiration, and guidance are useless unless the members work vigorously on the committee of their choice.  


    1)  Executive Committee:  
    The Executive Committee ordinarily includes the President of the Board, President Elect, Treasurer, and Past President.  The Officers provide direction and leadership to the Board and the Executive Director.

    Board of Directors Application




    2) Ambassadors:  
    Contacts: Chris Jelenc                           
    The Ambassadors serve as the public relations and membership support for the Chamber of Commerce.  They assist the Chamber’s efforts to maintain and retain members through personal interaction and involvement.  This may include but is not limited to ribbon cuttings, grand openings, re-openings, business after hour events, open houses, etc.  


  • 3) WaunaConnect:  
    Contacts: Joy Meyer and Tyler Harrington                          
    Referral Based Networking
    Wauna-Connect is a networking group that aims to form relationships/friendships with professionals in the community. By building 'connections' the referral-based group aims to facilitate support for local business and active members. Join us to learn more and connect!


    4) Government Affairs & Community Relations: 
    Contacts: Tom Wilson, Todd Schmidt and Kevin Piette
    Communicates and facilitates resolution to governmental and community issues that directly or indirectly impact conducting business.  This may include promoting needed changes that may impact business activities and economic development.  Some specific tasks may include:

    • Hosting a Legislative Update annually 
    • Distribution of 2-3 Govt. Affairs Newspages per year 
    • Host an annual “How to Run for Public Office” workshop 
    • Distribute information about legislative issues that affect business 
    • Address issues with local government on behalf of Chamber Members.



    5) Marketing/PR & Advertising: 
    Contacts: Kari Beam
    Review the Chamber’s current publicity and advertising programs and assist in the development of marketing and communication collateral materials.  



    6)  Technology Committee:  
    Contact: Aberdean Consulting
    Review and recommend the use of the Internet and computer technology in efficient, current, and cost effective ways in order to support the needs of members, visitors, as well as internal Chamber operations.  This includes development & implementation of the functionality of ChamberMaster (website), and Social Media that may include LinkedIn, FaceBook, & Twitter.



    7)  Events Committee: 
    Develops a schedule of networking, business education, lunch and learns, & after-hours events for Chamber Members.  Assists with efforts to publicize and execute event logistics.  



    8) Education Committee:
    Contacts: Randy Guttenberg 
    Works with the Waunakee Community School District and Chamber Members on collaborative efforts to enhance school to work programs and other learning projects.

    The above committees have been discussed and approved by the Board on May 21, 2019.  



  • The following groups are recommendations from the Executive Director to merge with the above committees as sub-groups that may or may not need to be ongoing based on the current position of the Chamber Business Committee.

    1)  Depot Facilities    

    2)  Business Growth & Retention Committee:

    The focus of this committee would be to help companies successfully make and save money, gain access to business development opportunities, and gain knowledge on skills that are necessary to run a profitable business.

    3)  Sustain Main Committee

    4)  Central Business District Task Force

    5)  Creative Economy InitiativeSign up to receive updates via the link at the end of the e-mail.

    6)  Volunteer Committee:  
    Assist the Executive Director and Chamber Staff with coordinating and developing volunteers and special projects.  

    7)  Chamber Finance Committee:  
    Work with the Chamber Treasurer and outside bookkeeping service to ensure financial stability and accountability.



    Revised May 2019/eks