•  Village Of Waunakee Parks & Recreation


    An impressive total of 272.59 acres of parks are located in the Village of Waunakee. For more information about the parks or to reserve a shelter, contact the Village Center at 333 S. Madison St., 850-5992.



    Augusta Park - 0.82 acres                                  
    Located on the north side of the Village in the Six Mile Creek neighborhood at 500 Augusta Dr. It serves mainly as a children’s playground.

    Blue Ridge Park - 1.56 acres                             
    Located in South Bridge Subdivision on the southeast corner in the beautiful Blue Ridge Addition at 1719 Daily Drive. This park includes a playground, basketball/tennis courts, open-air pavilion with picnic tables and a walking path.

    Bolz Conservancy Park - 12.38 acres                       
    Located in south-central Waunakee at 1412 Tierney Drive. The land acquired through generous donations from the Eugenie Mayer Bolz & the Don & JoAnn Tierney families has been developed as a natural prairie. The 10 acre hilltop hosts a fabulous view of Lake Mendota and the State Capitol, as well as a walking path.

    Castle Creek Conservancy - 36.95 acres                   
    Located at 900 S. Division St. on the west side of Sixmile Creek is managed primarily as a nature preserve and conservancy area, along with a walking path. Approximately 11 acres are upland and 36 acres are wetlands.

    Centennial Park - 16.56 acres                             
    Located at 901 South Holiday Dr., Centennial Park is home to the WaunaFest Celebration in July and is one of the most actively used park, providing baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, and children’s play facilities. Developed in the early 1970’s to serve Waunakee’s rapidly growing west side. The new pavilion was constructed in 2001.

    Dublin Park - .55 acres                   
    Located at 2607 Dublin Way, a small neighborhood Park with a gazebo & fire pit.

    Hanover Park - 10.50 acres                                 
    Located in Savannah Village subdivision at 1204 Hanover Trail, this park is surrounded by homes and provides a wonderful meeting space for neighbors and the community. The park includes an open-air picnic shelter, playground equipment, tennis & basketball courts, baseball/softball diamond and a sledding hill.

    Lion's Park - 2.0 acres                                        
    The home of Waunakee's only Skate Park, it's located at 1130 Prairie View on the corner of Hogan Road & Uniek Drive, open to the public during Village park hours. Includes mini pipe and quarter pipe, big box little box, square rail and big pipe rail.

    Kilkenny Park - 5.98 acres  
    2 Parks in the new Kilkenny Subdivision, off Peaceful Valley Pkwy, not yet developed.  

    McWatty Park - 2.77 acres CLOSED This is the New Location for the Waunakee Public Library                                
    Nestled into a bend on Six Mile Creek at 105 Pleasant Dr., just behind the American Legion off Main St. This park has playground equipment and an open play area.

    Meadowbrook Park - 11.92 acres                                
    One of the newest parks, located at 900 Kopp Road, at the west edge of Meadowbrook Subdivision. The park hosts two baseball/softball diamonds, playground equipment and a walking path. Future improvements include the construction of a tennis/basketball court.

    Montondon Park - 3.39 acres                              
    Located at 1211 Lawton Lane, Montondon Park is one of the main access points to the walking paths of the Arboretum that separates the two sides of the Savannah subdivision. An observation platform provides a resting spot for hikers and a spectacular view of the natural area.

    Northridge Park - 5.53 acres                                             
    The Park, located at 400 Northridge Drive, has a youth baseball/softball diamond, playground equipment, tennis courts, and a walking path. A picnic shelter will be added in the near future.

    Peaceful Valley Park - 4.68 acres                                             
    2110 Peaceful Valley Parkway is the home to one of Waunakee's newest parks in the Kilkenny addition of Southbridge.

    Prairie Park
     - 4.03 acres                                 
    This neighborhood park, located north of Prairie Elementary School at 100 North Madison Street, offers a wide variety of amenities, including play equipment, basketball/tennis courts, paved walkway, and an open play area, used for soccer & lacrosse.

    Reeve Park - 0.64 acres                                     
    Reeve Park is located downtown at 100 East Main St., next to the railroad tracks and home to the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce. Also located during the summer months is Gram ‘N’ Gramps Popcorn Wagon.

    Ripp Park - 86 acres                                       
    Ripp Park is the largest community park and natural area and is located at 301 Dorn Drive on the west side of Waunakee. The park is bordered on the west and north by wetlands and by neighborhoods on the south and east. Facilities include a multi-age soccer complex with 15 netted fields, 3 baseball/softball diamonds, 9 tennis courts, youth football field, 2 picnic pavilions with restrooms, 2 large children play areas, a sledding hill, walking trails and a pet exercise area. It’s also home to the Waunakee Relay for Life in June.

    Savannah Park - 3.3 acres                                 
    Located at 1202 Arboretum Drive on the south end of the Savannah Village neighborhood. This neighborhood park offers a wide variety of amenities including playground equipment, basketball/tennis courts, roller hockey sport court, 2 sand volleyball courts, open-air pavilion, a paved walking path and an ice skating rink in the winter.

    Scenic Valley Park - 2.77 acres                           
    Located at 400 Badger Lane in the Northridge subdivision. This neighborhood park hosts playground equipment, open play areas and landscaping. A gazebo and half-court basketball court are planned for the future.

    Schumacher Farm County Park - 120 acres                               
    Located on the eastern edge of Waunakee at 5682 Hwy 19, working toward the goals of preservation, restoration and education, for more information call 608-849-4559 or visit their website at www.schumacherfarmpark.org.
    Find out more about Sponsorship for Schumacher Farm Events, CLICK HERE.

    Settler’s Park - 1.51 acres                                
    Settler's Park is located in the Southbridge neighborhood at 1709 Blue Ridge Trail, the park is undeveloped with spectacular views of the Madison lakes and State Capital.

    Tierney Park - 25.26 acres                                 
    Located on the far southeast corner in the Southbridge neighborhood at 1413 Tierney Dr. The park includes a shelter with restrooms, playground equipment, open play area for soccer & lacrosse, basketball/tennis courts, youth baseball/softball diamond and walking paths.

    Village Center Pond - 8.29 acres 
    Home to the Rotary Walk and located across form the Village Center, 333 S. Madison St.

    Village Park - 14.29 acres                                 
    Located on the east end of Waunakee’s historic downtown at 400 East Main St., the Village Park is traversed by Six Mile Creek and is classically designed with historic stone bridges crossing over Six Mile Creek. The Parks recreational facilities include playground equipment as well as a Tot-Lot next to the main shelter, a youth ball diamond, basketball court, a gazebo, 2 restrooms and home to Murphy Field, a senior league baseball field. The Veteran’s Memorial is located at the Main St park entrance.

    Water Tower Park - 4.2 acres                                  
    Located on the corner at 417 East Verleen Ave., Water Tower park has recently upgraded playground equipment and also serves as a sledding hill in the winter.

    Westbridge Park - 11.47 acres                                  
    Located on the northwest corner in the new Westbridge subdivision at 1040 Kopp Road, it's the newest park of the Village Park system.

    Woodland Wayside - 1.68 acres                                  
    The park located in the new Kilkenny addition of Southbridge at 2009 Foggy Mountain Pass.